100% Linen Dyed Fabric

100% Linen Dyed Fabric

Pure linen yarn-dyed fabric is lightweight, easy to wash and dry, and its wrinkle-resistant so you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

    ART NO.     WY-L122-5
    PATTERN NO.     YD
    WIDTH     59/60
    WEIGHT     123G/M2
    CONTENT     L=100


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Pure linen yarn-dyed fabric has many uses, making it the most thermally conductive of all fabric types for women's tops, Pure linen yarn-dyed fabric. pure linen yarn-dyed fabric has many benefits that are often overlooked. Listed below are just a few of the most common uses. In addition.

We have two our own material sheet producing and packing box producing department factory,we also have our own international sales department. We produce and sell all by ourselves.The monthly production capacity is about 500,000 meters, not exceeding 700,000 meters.

Since the establishment of the company, its products have been widely used in domestic and foreign well-known brands of clothing, fabric sofas, shoes and hats, luggage and home textiles and industrial textiles and other fields. As well known 100% Linen Dyed Fabric Manufacturers and 100% Linen Dyed Fabric suppliers, we will have corresponding manual inspection after each process. For the final product, we will do random inspection according to customer requirements and standards. Our custom 100% Linen Dyed Fabric are mainly sold to North America, Australia, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other markets. Feel free to visit our mills and plant. We offer custom made fabrics. Quote now.