Pure linen yarn-dyed fabric Factory

Jiaxing Woyu Textiles Co., Ltd specialized in the research and development, production, trade and service of garment fabrics, sofa fabrics and home decorative fabrics, and most of our products are made of natural fibers from animals or plants. Up to now, we have successfully the supplier of famous brand companies all over the world, including brand garments, cloth arts, sofa, shoes, hats, bags, home textiles and industrial textiles, etc.

We have become professional China Pure linen yarn-dyed fabric Factory and Pure linen yarn-dyed fabric company . The monthly production capacity is about 500,000 meters, not exceeding 700,000 meters. The company has 152 employees, including 20 technicians. After each process, we will have corresponding manual inspection. For the final product, we will do random inspection according to customer requirements and standards. We also wholesale Pure linen yarn-dyed fabric by the yard.