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Why is the new "antibacterial fabric" linen cloth for t […]

Why is the new "antibacterial fabric" linen cloth for the new war epidemic the first choice for a healthy life?

A new crown, once again pushed linen fabrics to the top

In fact, linen is already a magical "antibacterial net red cloth"!

In the 11th century, the German Catholic priest Hildegarde Abbey used linen as a hemostatic cloth.

In medieval Europe, doctors bandaged the wounded with clean linen , effectively preventing the wound infection from worsening.

During World War II, supplies were extremely scarce, and people used shredded linen to clean the wounds of the soldiers.

An epidemic, let us see how important a healthy life is!

        Xinshen Linen Fabric Dream + As one of the pioneers of domestic linen textile technology innovation , for many years, it has cooperated with medical institutions and domestic medical colleges and universities to use "biotechnology + modern textile" technology to deepen the transformation of linen materials to improve the antibacterial properties of linen fabrics The antibacterial function contributes to the health care of the medical staff and the public at home.

Why does linen fabric have antibacterial effect?

        Flax fiber has a special hollow structure, filled with air, anaerobic bacteria can not survive. Experiments show that under the same conditions, the linen mat has a bacteriostatic effect over 50% higher than that of bamboo mat and straw mat.

  Abroad, linen fabrics have entered modern medical care. For the sheets of large hospitals in Japan, the covering cloths for medical utensils, surgical gowns, white coats, etc., choose sterile linen that meets hygiene standards as the material. The Russian Central Hemp Institute also recommends linen underwear to patients with allergic skin diseases.

  The Xinshen team further subdivided linen fabrics. Surgical gowns, medical masks , medical sheets, quilt cloths, etc., with different functions, different softness, defense power, antibacterial power, and research and development and production for different grades and levels of medical needs, and the new application of "design customization" mode to medical Linen fabric.

  Home health care is also essential. Spraying disinfectant, ultraviolet radiation, etc., have a certain harm to household items, you may wish to change the fabric in the home to linen.

  Xinshen has been working on the "Linen Healthy Lifestyle" series of fabrics, clothing, food, housing, and travel. Each scene has a subdivision of fabrics. Linen sheets, linen quilts, linen sofas to reduce bacterial dust stays; linen tablecloths, linen napkins, linen placemats, meals should be more hygienic and clean; linen living clothes, linen towels bath towels, skin to wear more secure.

  The epidemic has receded and the protection must not be forgotten. The magic antibacterial health-care fabric flax is a safe escort for your healthy life.


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