The bedding market is obviously affected by all walks of life, and there is huge room for the development of emerging brands such as Xiaoshi


People spend about a third of their life in bed, so peo […]

People spend about a third of their life in bed, so people value the quality of sleep , but if you want to have a good quality of sleep, the choice of bedding is very important. Therefore, more and more people began to pay attention to high-quality bedding, resulting in a surge in demand for bedding.

  Because the consumer groups covered by bedding products are relatively wide, the demand for bedding products is very large. In addition, the vigorous development of my country's economy, tourism and film and television also provides a broader space for development of the bedding products market.

  The impact of economic growth on the bedding market

  According to relevant statistics: my country's economic aggregate exceeded 1 trillion yuan in 1986, 6 trillion yuan in 1995, and 50 trillion yuan in 2012. From the perspective of total economic volume, from 2012 to 2018, my country's average annual economic growth rate was 7.0%. By 2019, the economic growth rate has reached 6.1%, and the total economic volume is close to 100 trillion yuan. It can be seen that my country's economic development is extremely rapid.

  With the continuous improvement of my country's economic level, people's living environment has also been improved, and there has been more subdivision of housing space functions. The bedroom is the most important part of the space of the house. Naturally, the related bedding has also received more attention. The demand for bedding is increasing. Under the market environment of rapid economic development in China and the blue ocean of bedding, many new bedding companies such as Xiaoshi, Kaisheng Home Textiles and other brands were born. The favorable factors of the market also gave them many new development opportunities. .

  The impact of tourism on the bedding market

  With the acceleration of my country's economic development, more and more provinces and cities have per capita GDP of US$10,000. It is precisely because of the improvement of people's living standards, tourism and leisure activities have also begun to rise, hotel accommodation bookings have increased significantly in recent years, and for the hotel accommodation industry, bedding is an essential part. The rise of the tourism industry has also promoted the further growth of the demand for bedding reservations for hotels and homestays to a certain extent, and obviously has also opened up a new sales channel for the bedding market.

  Impact of film and television communication on the bedding market

  Film and television dramas, movies, variety shows and other mass communication forms have contributed greatly to the consumer's fashion awareness, and film and television entertainment has also become a part of contemporary people's lives, giving people a lot of relaxation and relaxation after work and study. joy. In particular, some modern dramas that reflect family ethics and reflect the status quo of life have become particularly popular in recent years. In those modern dramas, the scenes of daily life appear in beddings very frequently. The rendering and driving of film and television communication have also caused a large number of audiences to buy. Therefore, the new visual belting model of the same paragraph and the same star in the play has also become a favorable factor to promote the bedding market.

  In addition, according to relevant data, there are an average of 10 million couples getting married every year in China, and the number of new houses will increase accordingly. The consumption of the bedding market is expected to reach 20 billion yuan this year. Therefore, the bedding market in China still exists. Larger market space. But it is worth considering for bedding enterprises that when they became the mainstream of consumption after 1980s and 1990s, their consumption of bedding products is no longer limited to the quality and function of products, but also strictly controls the appearance and style of products.

  Therefore, even in such a vast market development space, many new bedding brands such as a line of poems and so on must constantly adjust the development direction and keep up with the changing needs of consumers, in order to coexist in the blue ocean market with opportunities and competition. Stand firm.


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