What kind of polyester high elastic fabric is better


Polyester high-elastic fabrics have been widely used in […]

Polyester high-elastic fabrics have been widely used in recent years, and are mainly suitable for commonly used clothing fields and some interior fabrics. Some polyester high-elastic fabrics added with special reinforcing substances can also be used in special fields such as fire protection. In these fields, the use of polyester high-elastic fabrics has controlled costs to a certain extent, and the products themselves have also been unanimously affirmed by the industry. So for these fields, what kind of polyester high-elastic fabric is more high-quality?

What kind of polyester high elastic fabric is better

First, the flexibility is better

Polyester high-elastic fabrics, as the name suggests, are fabrics with excellent elasticity. When purchasing these polyester high-elastic fabrics, buyers only need to compare carefully and choose the ones with better performance in this regard. This is mainly because high-elasticity fabrics are not only more comfortable for people to wear and use, but also less prone to wrinkles during cleaning and other conditions, and the product itself will be recognized by more consumers and better because of these two. 's sales.

Second, good light resistance

Good light resistance is very important for polyester high-elastic fabrics, because these fabrics are mainly used for the production of clothing and automotive interior fabrics, both of which are often exposed to sunlight. These products made of stretch fabrics do not easily degrade or fade in the presence of light. It can be said that good light resistance is an essential characteristic of polyester high elastic fabrics with good stability.

Third, easy to wash and dry

Whether it is used as clothing worn by people or as car interior fabrics, regular cleaning is inevitable, which requires these polyester high-elastic fabrics to be easy to wash and quick-dry, and at the same time, after repeated cleaning, It cannot be deformed or damaged, which is a must for high-quality polyester high-elastic fabrics.

Of course, the price factor and some properties such as acid and alkali resistance and bleaching resistance are also issues that must be considered when using polyester high-elasticity fabrics. For buyers, they also need to purchase corresponding polyester high-elasticity according to the actual use needs of their own fields. Fabric, if special needs need to add other reinforcing agents, it needs to be customized separately.

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