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Tencel cotton yarn Tencel cotton is a cellulose fiber, […]

Tencel cotton yarn Tencel cotton is a cellulose fiber, using solvent spinning technology, dry strength is slightly lower than polyester, but significantly higher than the general viscose fiber, has a very high rigidity, good washing size stability (shrinkage rate of only 2), has a high moisture absorption, fiber cross-section is round or oval, beautiful luster, soft hand, good drapability, good floating.

Tencel has the following characteristics: 1) the softness of cotton, 2) the strength of polyester, and 3) the warmth of wool. It is common to find bamboo knotted tensil in weft direction, while there are fewer bamboo knots in both warp and weft. Bamboo Tencel is also called Tencel bamboo knot, this title mainly comes from the style of the cloth, the so-called bamboo knot is the yarn has irregular stem uneven, reflecting to the surface of the cloth has irregular knotted stripes, so called bamboo knot Tencel. Bamboo Tencel is not bamboo fiber fabric, but bamboo knotted Tencel fabric, friends must be distinguished. The reason why the market is more recognized bamboo tencel, because the surface has a sense of mechanism, so that tencel fabrics are no longer mirrored, but also a good way to distinguish from ordinary tencel, highlighting the personality of the precious.

However, for woven fabrics, there are some objective limits to develop tencel bamboo fabrics, because bamboo tencel is not as popular as conventional tencel, so the warp is not very conventional, so to do warp or warp-weft are bamboo tencel bamboo section, the weaving preparation requirements are more cumbersome, flexible mobility to poor, less suitable for small batch production, and the production cycle is also longer. In comparison, weft bamboo knots are easier to weave and can be put into production quickly with the use of standing warp beams, which is why there are more weft bamboo knot Tencel bamboo knots on the market.

For many customers, bamboo knots in both warp and weft directions are more popular because the fabric has a stronger sense of mechanism, better three-dimensional effect and more casual characteristics. Bamboo knot yarn can be Tencel bamboo knot, or linen and other rougher yarns, so that the fabric surface can produce strips of convex and concave is the purpose. Tencel bamboo knot fabric is more coarse yarn, more fine yarn is more difficult and hard to see.

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