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Pure cotton yarn Xinjiang cotton yarn Pure cotton yarn […]

Pure cotton yarn Xinjiang cotton yarn Pure cotton yarn is made and processed from cotton fiber, according to the different processes of spinning, it can be divided into combed yarn and combed yarn. The combed yarn is spun from cotton fiber by ordinary spinning system. The combed yarn is made of cotton fiber spun by combing spinning system. The combed yarn is made from raw materials with straight and parallel fibers, less knotting, good luster, even dryness and high strength, which are mostly used for weaving fabrics. Cotton yarn is widely used, it can be used as woven yarn, such as: bed sheet, quilt cover, curtain and other home textile series. It can also be used as knitting yarn, especially combed yarn can be used to produce textiles with high quality requirements, such as sweatshirts, fine number poplin, etc. Cotton yarn can also be used to produce special industrial electrical yellow wax cloth, tire cord fabric, high-speed sewing thread and embroidery thread, etc.

Cotton fabrics are made of cotton, produced by the textile process, with moisture absorption, heat resistance, alkali resistance, hygiene and other characteristics. Generally speaking, cotton fabrics have better moisture absorption and heat resistance, and wear. Some of the work clothes of industries with higher requirements for moisture absorption of clothing can choose cotton fabrics for processing. For example, school uniforms in summer, etc. Pure cotton hemp gray yarn According to the national standard, the quality of yarn is graded according to the quality index and the weight unevenness rate of cotton yarn.

Cotton yarn is rated according to the uniformity of the strip and cotton knots, and the number of impurity particles. The quality indicators mainly refer to the strength of the yarn, which reflects to a certain extent the durability of the fabric. The grade of yarn mainly reflects the difference of yarn thickness and appearance of defects, which directly affects the appearance of the fabric, such as the uniformity of the pattern, the size of clear and shadow. The quality of yarn is closely related to the production management, process condition, machinery condition, technical operation level, the quality of raw cotton and its reasonable use.

Cotton fabric is the raw material of cotton, through the loom, by the warp and weft yarn vertical and horizontal sinking interwoven textiles. At present, according to the actual processing of cotton sources and distinguished as the original cotton fabric and cotton fabric. Cotton content of more than 60 cotton is pure cotton, do not think that pure cotton is cotton, they are still different places.

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